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Our mission is to match quality employees with quality employers while continuing to give back to our community. Our team will accomplish this with creativity, diversity, integrity, and continued education all while having fun and staying ahead of the curve.

There are a lot of staffing companies out there. We know that, and we respect their work in the staffing and recruiting industry. However, we want to let our current and future partners know why we are the best.

With J&L, we are dispersing costs with many different companies, so the cost per employee is substantially less.

J&L is value added. We:

  • Advertise, screen, interview and on board for you.
  • Cover payroll, taxes, work comp insurance, unemployment and liability insurance
  • Give you one-on-one attention and go the distance for you.
  • Employ a full time staff member focused on worker’s comp and safety.
  • Offer transportation to and from work.
  • Hold weekly round table meetings to strategize for success.
  • Save you money and time.


Our staff works diligently to do things the “right way.” We do not settle for the easy way or a quick answer that may or may not work out. When we are staffing for a business, we spend time with the company representatives to build a relationship and understand staffing needs. Our sales team meets weekly to discuss each of our business partners’ needs and how we will effectively meet them. When job applicants come to J&L, they are fully screened, e-verified, drug tested on site if necessary, and transported to work if they do not have reliable transportation. We do all the on-boarding and follow through to ensure that our employees work well for our partnering businesses. If they do not, we work tirelessly to find new ones. We think outside the box to place employees and make businesses thrive. For example, we offer scholarships to new college graduates who would like to work through our company.


From our corporate staff to our hundreds of temporary employees, we take care of our employees. Everyone on our corporate staff has input at our sales and staff meetings: voices are heard across the board. We offer benefits, a 401K package, and support and reward our corporate staff. Our temporary employees have the opportunity to gain referral bonuses, vacation after the first year, health insurance, and transportation on our J&L vans. Additionally, we work with many vendors in town to offer our employees great deals on meals and other services, simply by showing their J&L employee badge.  

We have a strong and consistent commitment to making a positive impact on our community. Currently, we are the major sponsors for the following events: Red Cross Heroes event, NAIA Volleyball Tournament, and Awesome Biker Nights. We have made a large donation to the future Siouxland Children’s Museum, and regularly make donations to area agencies that need help, such as the Community Action Agency of Siouxland, an organization that serves disadvantaged people in our area.  

Sioux City, Iowa is a Blue Zones demonstration site , seeking to gain the Blue Zones designation in a few years. To gain this designation, the City needs several businesses to work toward their own designation. We are the 4th business in the City to become a Blue Zones designated worksite, because of our strong commitment to the health and well-being of our employees. Everything from having an on-site gym, offering ways to make charitable contributions, walking groups during the day, and having weekly yoga classes in our great room contributed to our designation.

Blue Zone



With over 10 years in the business, our leaders understand staffing and recruiting. We know that businesses need talented employees from Entry Level to Executive. We have a history of knowledge behind us, and we do not believe that the cheapest, easiest way is the best way. Finding good employees to fit your need is our business, and we will work diligently to do so. Finally gain confidence in these facts: we process over 4000 W-2s each year, and we have over 500 employees working at any given time.

We anticipate changes in our labor market and help businesses understand them as well. For example, we have spent many hours researching and understanding the changes the Affordable Care Act will have on our area businesses. Our new staffing software is equipped to track hours that need to be reported to the Federal Government; not all staffing agencies can say they have this capability.

J&L Staffing and Recruiting, Inc. would like to be your partner as you search for the perfect employees for your business.