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My name is Luis Schaeffer, and I am from California. I started my welding career 20 years ago. I was a shop supervisor at the last company I worked for in central California. The company closed down and like many others, I found myself unemployed and looking for a job. The opportunities in CA were slim to none and those companies looking for welders were not paying enough to survive on.

I started searching the internet for welding opportunities. My search was not limited to CA. I searched all surrounding states outside CA, heading East. I came across J&L Enterprises on Craigslist in Yuma, AZ.

I called and spoke with Kelly Conolly in November of 2012. He explained the welding positions available in the area, and then did more research in Sioux City. On December 11, 2012, I packed a small suitcase with clothing and a backpack and my welding helmet and flew to Sioux City.

Kelly picked me up at the airport. He was the only person I knew in Sioux City. He introduced me to the Mission as a place to stay until I got my feet on the ground. He took me to Walmart so I could get work boots.

The next day, 12/12/12, the van picked me up and took me to Fimco for my welding test. I passed my welding test and started as a J&L Enterprises employee the next day. The J&L van picked me up from the Mission every day and provided transportation back and forth to work.

I have the highest regard for Kelly and J&L Enterprises. Kelly went out of his way to place me at Fimco.

As of 3/18/13, I became a full time employee at Fimco and I’m working to move into a management position. Kelly was very candid and up front with me regarding Fimco and the job opportunities there. He provided me the interview I needed to get a position there.

I would recommend J&L to anyone looking for a job that J&L is advertising for. They have a clear understanding of the companies they place for.

Luis Schaeffer
California To Sioux City

I just wanted to send this Email regarding Jessie, who works for you guys with me. I don’t know her work history, but on our end she has proven to be very reliable and sends great candidates. Jessie takes the extra step and even emails us, to make sure that all is well from time to time. *Example*:We had a “no call no show” from an employee, I notified her and she kept me up to date with outcome and status of employee. The next day she emailed to check up and make sure he was at work and all is well. This shows dedication to keep a happy relationship, and determination. When speaking to Jessie I have 100% confidence she will get the job and keep me informed of any and all issues. I am happy to work with her and I am more acceptable to give J&L more business because I know she will take care of us.

This Email is just to acknowledge and appreciate her hard work. Thank You!!

Michael Eck
Production Supervisor
ThermoBond Buildings
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